Friday, April 15, 2011

Standing on the Threshold of 7!

 Tomorrow is the very last day that KC is 6.  As he put it tonight at bed "buh bye 6, and HELLO 7!"  LOL  Excited much?  This year he decided on a theme for his birthday that reflects one of his passions.  Art. Actually this kid loves all creative pursuits but has taken art lessons for the first time this year. He has loved learning about the styles of different artists and Picasso and VanGogh are his current favorites.  He wants his cake to reflect his love of art so it was only natural that the birthday mural depict our artiste at work.  It is hard to tell in this shot but there are all of us in the picture, hiding behind trees and bushes, I am a butterfly, K is a dragon, Lissa is a flower.  It is the kind of fantasmagorical art that he loves to create.  He helped paint some of the mural and create Lissa the fairy.
And he said that he needed to have a beret because "real" artists wear berets.  So he has one.  I don't know quite how I got lucky enough to have 5 wonderful kids.  They are all so very different and I love each of them so much.  There is an amazing sensitivity of spirit in KC.  Someone once said he is an "old soul," and they may be right.  Of all my kids, he is the one who speaks most of Fiona, who writes notes of love for no specific reason just when someone needs it--me, his Nana, or Fiona.  This is probably the most unusual birthday he will ever have--replete with lots of cake and the requisite presents,  but also with amazing music and the chance to attend his first "real" concert AND to watch big brother Rob with the youth choir perform at that event as well.

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Sunday Koffron said...

Wow! That is so cool, I am truly impressed! I hope his birthday is a happy one!