Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Birthday KC

 Behold!  The artist birthday cake!  Replete with marshmallow fondant (MANY thanks to a blog reader who suggested the recipe.  It tasted divine!) Gum paste and modeling chocolate were used to make the box of "crayons." The big "paint brush the kids made out of a squished up rice krispie treat covered with fondant and painted with food coloring gel.  There are sugar crayons on the cake and we made a pencil and paint tube from edibles as well.  Oh, and the palate!  It was pretty cool looking if I do say so myself.
 And here is the King for A day!  KC is finally 7.  In case you were wondering, he picked the hat!
 Lissa, ready to party!
 Chet preparing to have pizza at the party.
Rob is always up for parties and is a huge help in getting things ready!

So the morning was church  where Rob and the Youth Group sang with Joe Jencks.  KC sat through the whole service because a) he wanted to see his big brother up there singing and b) he adores Joe.  Lissa went to the kids programming which was a better option for a wiggly 4 year old.  We got home about 1 and had the pizza and the party.  The party was replete with "party games" chosen by KC.  A mini table ping pong game and finger football were lots of fun. Then we did a pinata. The games all happened after the gifts and the cake so that my poor tired wife could go take a nap. LOL  She fell asleep for 2 hours while we played party games.

Rob had to be back at church early for the concert with Joe Jencks so a friend picked him up.  The little kids and i followed later and got there a bit before it started at 7 p.m. To say it was a long night for KC and Lissa would be a great understatement. We did not get home till after 10 p.m.  Lissa usually goes to sleep at 6:30 so she was asleep in the car. KC was still awake.  It was so worth the effort though. First of all, I would have been there anyway--with the kids--because Rob was singing 3 songs with Joe Jencks and his band and the youth choir.  I have a really firm rule that one of the things families do is cheer each other on.  We are there for the good times and the tough times and it is easier to be there for the latter if you have celebrated the former together. The littles are used to being "cheerleaders" and I know it was important to Rob that we be there.  He would never come right out and ask as this is not something he ever does.  But when I asked if he wanted to sing in the concert, he asked if we would be there.  When I said yes, of course, that was when he agreed that he wanted to do it.

So anyway, KC also adores Joe Jencks music.  We have ever CD the guy has ever made and KC knows many of the songs by heart.  It is a little odd to have a  little kids who has songs about striking union workers and civil rights workers who lost their lives as their favorite play list, but that is what it is! LOL 

A friend of ours told Joe that it was KC's birthday and after the concert he came up to us specially and wished KC happy birthday and sang Happy Birthday to him.  I thought KC was going to melt in a puddle of excitement.  Despite the late hour, he had such a gigantic smile on his face.  It was the perfect end to a magical birthday.

And though they will be cranky today, they will all have special memories to carry forward.  Lissa waving like crazy at Rob while he was on stage.  KC's special song, amazing music, pretty good way to launch year 7!

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Happy Birthday KC..what a cool cake and a fun night...