Thursday, April 14, 2011

Locked out of my email

Technology has been kicking us to the curb lately.  Last night something  happened to our computer internet and it took my beloved wife forever to get it fixed with the carrier again.  Then t his a.m. my email won't let me in and won't recognize my password.  I have the same password I have always had so this is super weird.  It says I can't get a re-set password till 4/15  Which means I will have to call my mom today as she will freak out if she can't get ahold of me. We email twice a day usually.

And this is how you know you have had too much technology at work. . . I was looking through blog titles of folks I follow and I saw one called "Blackberry something or other"  I thought it was about a phone.  Duh it was a cooking blog that I enjoy.  But I have this digital leash aka a blackberry now and you can see what it is doing to my poor psyche!  LOL

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