Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Reflections

It is Sunday night and sometime very late tonight my wife and my son will return from New York. They have been having a great time with the youth group.  K called me twice and today recounted their visit to MOMA, Battery Park, Central Park and informed me that there had been much shopping by the teens.  All the girls had bought new outfits to wear to the Broadway show they saw this afternoon, and Rob?  Rob found the long wished for red skinny jeans.  Also a pair of black skinny jeans and a graphic T shirt.

Back the ranch, we have had a nice weekend.  My mom was here for a visit and the kids really enjoyed having a longer stretch of "nana" time.  That has not happened much as in recent  years her husbands health precluded being away from him that long.  Then she became worried to leave her cat (!)  But she arrived mid day Saturday and did not leave till actually after we left for church.  There were games played and chatter and art and lots of catching up. We went for a walk after supper together, the littles racing ahead while my mom and I talked.

Today at church we had a Go Green and Leap into Spring party.  It was co-hosted by the "Green" Committee at church and the Religious Ed committee.  It was a lot of fun.  The littles and i were in charge of setting materials and samples of paper flowers on the tables.  As we visited at the tables we made flowers which would be delivered by Parish Services to shut ins.  We divide by birthdays at this particular event.  Last year we sat at the December table for Lissa. This year we sat at April for KC.  Neither of the kids want to sit at a table without me so I pretend that whatever month I am at is my "honorary" birthday.  But conversation flowed freely and it was so great to see the kids chat with adults and meet new people comfortably.

I buckled down this weekend and got our taxes done.  I hate this.  Most people do, but people in a same sex marriage I am sure hate it most of all.  I have to do a federal as head of household for Kirsty. A federal as head of household for me and then a NEW federal that is not submitted that combines both our incomes so that I can file a joint tax return for our state that lists us as married. Because part of my wife's income is from a home based business the whole ordeal takes just short of forever.  And most of this I of course do late at night when the wee ones are asleep.  But it is done and the two that can be efiled have been sent.  Mine has the adoption credit so I have to snail mail that federal and will probably see the refund in oh--5 or6 months judging from the gossip I hear from other filers!  LOL

In between I have baked, and cleaned, and helped the kids make a welcome home banner for Robbie. Oh and we visited our neighbor friend for an hour or so of play time.  But it hasn't felt rushed.  It has been a lovely weekend.  I need to hold tight to some of this happy mojo as I head into the hectic crazy work week that awaits!

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