Thursday, April 21, 2011

Running on empty

I'm not much for old music--totally a top 40 kind of gal--but Jackson Browne's old song describes me lately!  Work is crazy busy and everytime I think I am tap dancing fast enough the dance gets a little faster.  The pollyanna part of me says that eventually all this is going to work out but in the mean time, sheesh it is getting exhausting.

Realistically April is just also a crazy month for us.  KC's birthday and Easter only a week later is a lot, even for a family as steeped in celebration as ours.  Added to things, my wife has had to work every afternoon this week. That meant that I was up the creek for E. Bunny shopping.  I don't put a lot in Easter baskets (I did 5 baskets for $40.00) but they all love to hunt for them.  At our house the bunny leaves clues to minimize the dawn mayhem.  So today I left work 30 minutes early and got the shopping done.  It is in the back of my car and when the kids get to bed, I'll off load and hide it.

We also did Lissa's  Easter hair. She chose a hairband this year with a big fabric flower on it, so I wanted a soft style that would look good with a band. I took out all the box braids and conditioned everything super deeply.  We made a lot of little french braids that went back to just her crown and then two strand twisted them the rest of the way. This gives lots of bounce and swing to the style and it is also a style that is play friendly.  Hopefully it will hold up the next 2 days and she will look stylin' for Easter.

Now off to make a cup of tea.  Maybe caffeine will have me dancing again!

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