Sunday, June 24, 2012

Satirday in review!

Yesterday I drove Rob and his friend Drew to another state for their week of away camp.  They have gone to this camp for about 5 years now. It is a UU camp and our church also has a camping weekend there in September.  When my mom did religious ed for our faith (different church though) she went to this same conference center.  Chet K and I wen to the religous ed camps when K and I did the religious ed duties for another church.  So our ties there as a family are very strong, and i love how comfortable all my kids are there.  I love hearing people call Rob's name when they see him get out of the car.  I love watching fist bumps and man hugs taking place.  LOL

And I will miss him like crazy.  Rob is a quieter fellow but there is a huge hole here that only he  and his spirit fills.

While I was doing the taxi run to Maine, the 2 littles were at my friend J's house for a double birthday party for her two girls.  She offered to have me drop KC and Lissa off at their home on our way out of town and to just pick them up whenever K or I got back to the city, whichever was first.  This was the first time I have ever left my little kids anywhere, ever.  They have had lots of playdates and events but usually the other moms and I are friends and wind up hanging out together.  So dropping them off was another new experience for all 3 of us.  Happily they did great and had a blast.  Everyone told me how funny they were when I picked them up.  I can picture that.  KC in particular is the life of a party, full of jokes etc.
There were squirt guns and a bounce house and crafts, and J was even kind enough to send us home with extra food.  After 5 1/2 hours of driving I was not going to say no!

Today summer services start at our church.  The first one is a multi age drumming circle so I am taking the rest of the kids and K is staying here to make strides on glazing our living room walls.

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