Monday, August 13, 2012

A penny saved. . .

KC is 8 and in his eyes, nearly a "tween."  He is actually a very odd juxtaposition between a young child and sort of a tween mentality.  For instance, he still believes in Santa but rocks out to Linkin Park.  Go figure.

Apparently when one is nearly a tween one needs a CD player/radio combo to play your own tunes.   He mentioned this to me about 4 weeks ago.  I think he maybe had a moment of delusion that I would run out and buy him  a CD player.  LOL  I said that sounded like something to ask for for Yule or his birthday. Or, if those were too far away, he could do extra chores and save the money up and buy it for himself. Now in all reality, he has more than enough money in his savings account, but I don't want any of my kids to be in the habit of just dipping into their savings. Savings are sort of sacrosanct.

He announced that he was going to earn the money and began being very helpful.  My deck has been swept regularly.  He put away his sister's scooter with out asking.  He has helped fold laundry, put away dishes, all manner of little jobs over the past month or so.  A quarter here, fifty cents there, and he has been tucking the money away.  He counted it up this weekend and since he began his efforts, he has amassed $10.00

Very excited, he immediately had me check W*lmart on line to see how close he was to his goal.  We checked and he could get a very inexpensive model for just under $20.00  I pointed out that if it was a really low end model, he might not be able to pull in the classical music station he likes to fall asleep to. It has a weak signal and it is hard to get in sometimes.  Yes, the same child who sings (scream?) to Linkin Park falls asleep to Chopin.

Kids are really savvy.  He noticed someone had reviewed that particular model and had me click on the review so he could read it.  Allegedly, it is great.  He also made me check to see if there was a "money back guarantee." (exact quote)   There was a solid return policy.  Therefore, he is 1/2 way to his goal.

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