Friday, August 3, 2012

Speaking Up

Rob needed to bring a dessert to his girlfriends tomorrow. She is having a "social gathering" and so he decided to make some sugar cookies which will be drizzled with chocolate sauce.  I got the dough together for him, mostly as I was cleaning up from supper and wanted to clean up everything at once. LOL  His job was rolling cutting and cooling the cookies and he did very well.  His girlfriend will be proud of him.. :-)

His girlfriend had a long facebook message session with me last night. She had been out to dinner with her parents.  The young man who was in charge of filling their water glasses was refusing to serve a lesbian couple that came into the restaurant about the same time T and her family did.  T is passionate about justice and changing the world for better. She did not sit by. She loudly decried what he was doing. Apparently the manager got involved, the guy admitted he would not serve them because they were gay, and subsequently our state unemployment numbers were raised by one. Despite her passion, T was unnerved by all of it, realizing afterwards the center of the firestorm that she put herself in and how awkward it felt. But also how good it felt to her when the two young women thanked her and said people rarely stand up for them. Seriously?  In 2012?  In a state where gay marriage is legal?

Our world will be better and brighter though with passionate young people who are not afraid to step up when they see something that needs changing.  I like that.  A lot.


Lisa said...

T is awesomesauce!

Todd said...

That is good to know that young people are willing to stand-up and do the honorable thing.