Monday, August 20, 2012

When Technology goes haywire!

You know those movies where the machines take over the earth?  Sometimes my life is a pre-curser to that! LOL  The other day I was reading blogs and having the hardest time getting my computer to let me reply.  I have no idea why.  I would close out and go back in--clearly you can see that I feel my pearls of wisdom and support really needed to be shared.  One blog was on wordpress and I thought maybe that was why it wasn't flyiing for me even though it usually does.  But eventually my friend Todd's blog seemed to take my comment.  Even though I didn't get the weird hieroglyphics things that you usually have to type in to prove you are not an evil robot trying to take over the earth, it said it was published.  I clicked off and went about my non computer oriented day.  .   .  and clicked on this morning to discover I somehow put his whole blog post on my blog. With my comment.  I had no idea you could even do that!  This is a very surreal start to the day, but my apologies to Todd for swiping his post!

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Todd said...

Ah, the dreaded, unseen technology robots messing with yet another unsuspecting victim. Definitely been there and had that done to me many times.

Therefore I accept your apology, and now understand why the comment for my blog was your blog post that day. *HUGS*