Saturday, August 18, 2012

An Itchy Tale

So earlier this week KC went to he doctors again because he was itchy.  There were hives all over his body.  At the time, I thought it was a reaction to doing lots of somersaults at the park the night before.  I thought he had a grass sensitivity or allergy.  The Dr said it was a topical allergy and to keep using the OTC stuff we have been using.  And ka-ching, $35.00 co-pay please.

Except that was three days ago and he broke out in welty hives again this morning when we got back from grocery shopping.  I gave the OTC stuff to him and he seems okay. He is actually pathetically enough, sort of getting used to this.  It is weird though. And I am not liking it.  He has not eaten anything unusual or different. We have nothing new in our home or in our cleaning products.  Sigh.  Weird.  Mysterious.  Worrying.


Todd said...

Have tried those generic benedryl capsules you can get a walmart or other stores? Anyway, hope he feels better soon.

Sunday Taylor said...

My middle child is the queen of the hives, most of the time we have NO idea what caused them. It is very frustrating! I hope he feels better soon.