Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Power of a Picture

OK so I couldn't make Fiona's prom pic go vertical and posted it sideways both here and on FB!  Thankfully my friend Todd sent me it adjusted. :-)  Sometimes technology baffles me. I suspect if I could slow down myself and my life a bit it might sometimes make more sense to me. But then I wouldn't be me and it would for sure not be my life. So I figure, if the moment is good, the picture can look kind of wonky. It will still always bring back that shining memory in our minds.

And in this case, it did more than that.  It inspired Rob's bio bro D to reach out to me.  D is a great kid but disappears from FB which is my only way of contacting him, for vast periods of time.  I always check the chat section when I log on to see if he is there, but he rarely is. Given the times that the computer is mine to use, this is not surprising. Not too many teens on line at 5:30 in the morning!  LOL

Anyway, he logged on late this afternoon, saw Fiona's picture and commented.  I immediately wrote back and just did the friendly, hey, how's your summer kind of thing.  He answered right away and said he wants to come out to see us.  We had a relatively long conversation about the train schedules and he is tentatively planning on coming out Saturday September 8th.  I am so looking forward to this and really hope it comes off.  I want the brothers to have chances for connections to deepen and understanding to grow between them of the young men they are now as well as times to share the memories of where they have been.  I feel like there is good karma for this potential visit.  The following day is the day that I celebrate my birthday and we are scheduled to train into the Big City to spend the day with Fiona at an event at her school. These events would be enough of a birthday celebration for me, but I know there is a cool gift in my future too--my wife had to ask me if I want a Kindle.  The answer would be yes!!!

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Todd said...

It was my pleasure to help with the picture.

Glad that you were able to connect with D and that he'll be able to visit. Cool!