Tuesday, August 21, 2012

School Days!

Yesterday we started homeschooling for this year.  KC woke up extra early and came bombing down the stairs while I was on the computer. YAY!  I start grade 3 today, he said proudly.  He is an avid learner and a kid who can unschool very successfully.  For instance, this summer he decided he felt like doing a report on George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  He had me help him find his resources and went to town.  He has also worked on teaching himself some of cursive writing so when K went to start that class withhim he was ahead of the game there as well.

Rob is easing into homeschooling, doing 3 of his classes and not adding the rest till we return from our Labor Day weekend camping trip.  He is not loving the start of school--at least allegedly, but most of that I think is teen posturing as he did the work well and without complaint.

Lissa technically does not need to officially school yet as she is kindergarten aged.  However she has time to practice writing her letters, some math with me and some reading with me.  I have been worried about teaching her to read.  KC essentially taught himself.  At about 4.  Lissa has more issues understanding letter sounds and with retention of sight words.  I have been stressing a bit over the fact that she seemed to have that challenge and also zero interest in the written word.  She loves being read to, but has never been one to  "read" a story to her toys for instance.  KC did that all.the.time.  However, I found that the old chestnut of Dick and Jane appeal to her. They are "chapter" books which has a certain cachet to her.  They are repetitive so that she is memorizing the sight words.  She has improved markedly and so school is going very well here so far!

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