Friday, August 24, 2012

I need to clone myself!

So this week we started homeschooling, which has been a blast.  But it makes mornings have a different dynamic as I am teaching before I leave for work. (K takes over at that point).  Then tonight my boss is having a staff BBQ at her lake front home.  It is casual and families--spouses and kids are invited.  It is potluck.  I have made nothing. Why?  Because tomorrow is the big summer shindig that KC and Lissa have been planning all year. The Magical Sports Extravaganza! (laughing)  We will have sack races, footballs to toss through hula hoop targets.ring toss, a mini golf challenge, a bounce house, crafts (3) a magician and food.  I will have somewhere between 12 and 20 kids here.  People don't RSVP so well these days but that is the typical attendance.  Usually the parents hang around so I need to also craft an area where adults are comfortable schmoozing.  I have games to make, decorations to hang, 100 baseball decorated sugar cookies to make--sometime between leaving my boss's party and 1 p.m. tomorrow! (laughing) Oh yeah and one of the guests is gluten free, allergic to soy and dairy so I make a special trip to a store that has things A. can eat.

Sunday I have a meeting at church from 8:30 to 10:30  The kids are coming with me and Rob is going from church to his girlfriend's house for a while. I am taking the rest of the crew to an indoor water park before our coupon runs out.  Then I will collapse in a heap.LOL

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