Thursday, August 2, 2012

Romantic Teens

Since both these young people have posted this picture on their Facebooks which means hundreds of people have seen it, I am assuming it is okay to plop it on my blog.  This is my handsome Rob with his lovely girlfriend T.  They took this when they were on their Big City journey this past Sunday.  I teased them and asked if they chose their outfits together to wear in that day.  They didn't, but somehow the two of them, both being fashion directed, always manage to look really cute together.

This is Rob's first relationship and it is growing deeper--kids write on their walls on Facebook to one another these days.  Love, anger whatever, there is less guessing in some ways.  It is right out there.  T is a really sweet young lady with a good head on her shoulders. Open and outgoing, she hugs me whenever she sees me, and introduced me to her family early on in the relationship.  She is energetic, motivated and frankly a great person to have in Rob's life.  Rob has always been more tentative and he benefits from her positive let's do it attitude. They have been officially a couple for nearly a year now--a life time in 'teen time.'

While this is Rob's first romance, it is a first for K and I as well as parents. Chet has never had a romantic relationship of any kind, and Fiona has not really had anything like that either. So I feel my way along, and find myself alternately enjoying the ride, worrying for the two of them, and wondering where things will end up.  Which is all totally normal I guess!!

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Todd said...

They are very cute-looking together. Aww...