Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fiona's going to visit!

The weekend is shaping up to be a busy one.  Fiona is coming out for a 1/2 day unsupervised visit. She sounded great on the phone tonight. She is still having trouble staying safe and meeting the 30 day requirement for an overnight is not something she has worked out yet.  We both love watching the Olympics and I told her this was her personal Olympics.  The amazing gymnasts we watch probably don't want to train every day that they have to.  They want to sleep in, eat junk food, or chill with friends.  But they have their eyes on something big and keep working toward the goal bit by bit.  So this is her Olympics. Except I wasn't tired and distracted and said it I think a lot better than I am writing it.  And it seemed to resonate with her.  We are planning on hanging out and playing games, working on a family scrapbook and doing a bit of shopping when she comes out Saturday.

Sunday, the youth group is doing the service at church and there is a picnic afterwards.  After that, Rob has invited his girlfriend back to the house for awhile.I will need to think of something to do so the littles don't follow the 2 of them around constantly! LOL

KC is finally coming out the other side of the strep infection I think.  He ate a bit better today and though he is not talking much, his eyes look better.  A bit of the wee elf's sparkle was back in those big brown eyes tonight when I tucked him in.  And he had enough voice to talk to Fiona on the phone tonight.  Progress!


GB's Mom said...

A milestone! Congratulations :)

Todd said...

Glad everything's working out so well.