Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mom's Surgery

My mom emailed me last night.  It was a scary email as it said "I know you talk with Fiona tonight but when you are free we must talk."  Doesn't that just give you chllls?  So I sat there waiting for Fi to call and of course this turned out to be the night she did not call!  LOL So I finally called my mom.

She had been to her artery specialist yesterday. She has had a partially blocked artery that they have been watching. The dr hoped that it would not worsen or even improve with the diet and med regime that she has. However it had blocked more since the last check up.  So she now faces surgery to correct this.   If she was much older, he would recommend just letting things take their course but she is only 79 and the end result of this situation would be a stroke.

It is a pretty scary surgery but she likes the physician and he explained every little detail to her. Told her more than she wanted to hear, but the up side of it was we could have a very informed talk about it when she was explaining last night.  She is very worried about being a burden as she lives nearly 3 hours away from us.  I assured her we could make this work and not to worry and that we would plan further once she has her surgery date.

My mom has been lucky and thus far her medical issues have been comparatively minor.  She broke her ankle about 7 years ago and she had her gall bladder out about 5 years ago but other than that, nothing of great consequence.  I  am hoping that her overall good health sees her through this.

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Todd said...

Here's hoping for the best for mom.