Monday, August 6, 2012

Strange Symptoms

Thursday night KC began to complain about a belly ache.  He can occasionally be prone to constipation so we kind of thought that it was something along those lines. Then came Friday.  He still had the tummy ache and now had a temp.  I leaned toward a virus of some sort; K worried that he might have early appendicitis signs.  The fever lasted through Friday night, which he spent bunking in my bed so I could more easily keep tabs on when he needed fever meds and to make sure he didn't sleep walk. (something he is known to do when he has a temp or is very very tired).

Saturday a.m. he woke fever free and hungry.   No stomach ache.   He  ate breakfast, and he promptly lay down on my bed again.  Where he subsequently lost his breakfast.  He also began to complain about his throat being sore.  So we again went back to the virus hypothesis and he spent a quiet weekend drinking gingerale, eating popsicles and napping.

This morning the throat was much more sore and the doctors office was now open so we called for an appointment.  The doc did a rapid strep test which was negative.  However she looked into his throat and said she could see the pustules and that she knew the long version of the test would confirm that he has strep.  We were given an script for an antibiotic and sent on our way.

I know that by tomorrow he will start to feel much better and I am grateful for that.  However, the doctor mentioned to us that abdominal pain and nausea are common symptoms of strep in young children.  I had no idea.  I had strep a zillion times when I was in third grade, but it was always presaged by a bout of tonsilitis and high fever that did not leave.  I was surprised at the sneakiness of strep and it made me think of my blog friend Kari.  Her blog is private now, but she has two children whose FASD issues are exacerbated by strep and they often have an attack with virtually no physical symptoms.

Meanwhile I go back to reading aloud to my slightly weepy little guy and have my fingers crossed that none of the other kids get this.


Todd said...

I hope he feels better soon. Glad you got some medicine to help that happen sooner. Kid and Mama *hugs*

Katie Billotte said...

Strep is weird. My sister is a strep "carrier" meaning that she has the virus basically all the time, but never experiences symptoms. However, every time she has ever had a new boyfriend, he has gotten sick within a week of their first date. He then becomes resistant to whatever particular strain she has and life goes one