Saturday, August 11, 2012

Family Day!

 I sincerely wish I knew how to turn my daughter right side up!  Fiona was out to visit today and it was great.  She brought her prom dress to show us how she looked.  She is stunning and it catches my breath and my heart sometimes seeing before me a young woman where once there was a young girl.  One of the things Fi asked to do was work together on a family scrapbook with some new pictures.  The 3 younger kids wanted a page showing their musical leanings, so this is KC rocking it out on the drum set in our living room.

 And Rob, chilllin' by his keyboard. . .
 And the amazing Miss Lissa on the recorder.  LOL
There was a break in the weather and we adjourned to the back yard for a whiffle ball game.  Fiona had brought KC a ball and bat as a belated birthday gift.  He was so happy.   Lunch was quesedillas made by Rob and salad made by Fiona and I.  It was easy and fun and over too soon.  Fiona just called and she is safely back at school but I could hear the tension in her voice.  I hope things will be okay.


Todd said...

I sent you a picture of Fi which is right-side-up. :-)

Other than that, beautiful family. :-)

GB's Mom said...

What a joy!