Sunday, August 26, 2012

Kayaks, parties and swimming oh my!

It was the weekend of extreme socializing!  Friday night we went to my work's company outing. It was at my new boss's home and we had a wonderful time. The kids got to use kayaks, cannonball off their dock into the water (or in Rob's case, do flips) and play a couple of games whose names escape me.  K and I enjoyed socializing with my co-workers and their spouses, and meeting my boss's family.  By 7:30 we were headed home and 8:00 p.m. found us setting up in the dark for KC and Lissa's party which was Saturday.

KC spends the year planning, deciding on a theme and then scouring craft mags and catalogs for ideas of things we can make/play/do/eat that all sort of tie to the theme.  Last year one of his friends helped him choose the theme which was sports, to which we added magic when we scored a free magic show.

It was a lot of work but it was an immense amount of fun. The kids played in the bounce house for hours. The magic show was extremely cool and they learned how to do 3 tricks as well.We had games, football and baseball themed toss games, a hockey game, ,a home made golf challenge and food up the wazoo.

The party was from 1 to 3 p.m.  I wound up with our next door neighbor's 5 year old (a party invitee) all day as his mom had to take younger son to the doctors and later to be admitted.  The majority of the party goers stayed till 5 p.m. so clearly we throw a good party.  I spent about an hour cleaning up and by 6:15ish things looked pretty much back to normal.  Amazing!

Today I went to church for 8:30 to participate in a meeting till 10:30.  Then we scooted home and I took KC and Lissa to meet friends at an indoor water park.  Rob had the day off with his girlfriend.  The water park was SO cool.  I had a coupon that got all 3 of us in for a very modest sum. If I was to pay full price I could not afford for two of us to go.  The prices are truly high.  However, I have to say they had the best and most vigilent lifeguards that I have seen anywhere in the past 5 years.  There were lots of them, they were constantly moving and circulating the various interest areas and they were strict.  I loved it!  We were there till after 4 because we were just having way too much fun.  Water obstacle course, pool basketball, kiddie area, indoor slides, indoor and outdoor hot tubs, just so unbelievably neat!

After supper we worked on our birthday gift for Chet who will celebrate his 27th birthday this coming weekend.  We always celebrate it while we are having our family campout in Maine.  We got a big pack of white crew sox and we tie dyed them.  There is an ongoing issue because Chet does not match his sox.  This way, if they are tie dyed, which is a "fashion" he likes, they don't need to be "matching."  So I thought it would be fun and a cool solution to something that drives my wife nuts.

My work week is a bit shorter this week as I start our camping trip on Thursday.  I love this trip though it is also somewhat bittersweet.  It means the real end of summer to me. And I have a hard time wrapping my head around that.  But it has been a wonderful summer and we have made some great memories to see us through the cold times ahead.

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Anthony Cerrato said...

I love swimming and hot tubbing. I just find them both so relaxing!