Sunday, February 17, 2013

And the Germs come marching in!

This has been an exhausting week.  I had many plans and most have gone awry.  That would be because Tuesday  night KC became ill with what eventually was diagnosed as strep throat.  He is on an antibiotic and is improving. However he was too ill for me to take Rob to his girlfriends house as had been planned. He was too ill to enjoy Valentines Day. He was too ill for any dance classes this week.  Now he is improved but has a horrible cough. Cough is not symptomatic of strep so I don't know if that means he really didn't have strep (many kids are carriers and will always test positive) and he really has some viral thing or what.

Yesterday Miss Lissa developed a fever in the afternoon. Not too high,but she had chills.  She had the fever again once today, same thing, presenting with chills.  However her appetite has remained good and her sleep has not been (knock wood) impacted. This is also why I am wondering if this is  a viral thing.   KC on the other hand has been beset with the coughing interupting his sleep, bad dreams which he gets with fevers and several days found me running pretty much on caffeine and 2 or 3 hours of sleep.

They are both in bed now and I hope that they will be well enough tomorrow to go to the Big City tomorrow with Rob and I. We are set to train in and meet Fiona and Jane and see Disney on Ice.  I am crossing my fingers that having had a quiet weekend and lots of rest will make this possible for them.  Then, Monday night, Rob goes to a friends house to sleep over because he and his teens are going back to the Big City on their own the following day.

X your fingers for us.  I am so ready for spring to come and germs to leave!

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