Monday, February 18, 2013

A Disney kind of Day!

Today the kids and I trained in to the Big City to meet Fiona and Jane and see a performance of Disney on Ice.  Thankfully KC and Lissa were both well enough to go.  KC still has a really bad cough but is not contagious if indeed he had strep. I am now sort of having doubts about that as the rest of this is all acting really viral.  But; I am not a doctor and don't even play one on TV. :-)   Lissa had no temp this a.m. or at any point in the day so she was a shoe in to go.

Fiona was so excited. This is an event she has wanted to do with us and it was not possible to do it when she wanted to in November.  It was important to me that we accomplish it, for a number of reasons.  First off, she had shared a desire for something and I think one of our roles in families is to try and support such things and help them happen when possible.  Secondly, it was a chance to show her that saying "not right now" is NOT the same as 'No, never uh uh, no way." When I told her not right now, she heard the latter and it was pretty ugly.  Today after the show I reminded her of our conversation  of November and we had a pretty good conversation on waiting, and keeping ones word etc.

The show was fantastic. I am a kid at heart so I was as captivated as anyone with the lights, the skating and the music.  It was too cool.  The prices on souveniers however was insane.  I gave each of the 3 kids that are at home with me the opportunity to bring money from their bank accounts. they each brought $20.00 I explained that anything they wanted at the show would come from that $20.00  Rob didn't want anything, so he came home with his.  I think he wanted extra money for his trip with the teens tomorrow.  Lissa spent her entire $20.00 on a slushy in a commemorative cup and a bag of cotton candy with a foam commemorative hat.  KC spent only $12.00 of his money on a commemorative statue of Mickey the Mouse for his bedroom shelf.  I bought Fiona her commemorative program which came to $20.00 and also came with a rose.  She had no spending money (due in large part to the fact that she is still paying restitution for the damages she caused to the schools entertainment system in December)  I understand the need for restitution, but I also feel that she probably doesn't remember much about the event or frame it intellectually in a context that makes rational sense.  At any rate, I would never have all my kids but one get spending money so she had the same.

After the show, we hung out at the venue which is also where we wait to take our train home from the city.  It is a large station that the kids and I know well and the kids enjoyed showing Jane and Fi all around. The best eateries, where the bathrooms are, where you get your subway pass or commuter ticket etc.  We told her about the silly game we play of guessing which track our train will leave from and some of our other little odd habits.  It is good as now she will have  a better mental picture of what we are doing when we leave after a visit.

Tomorrow is back to the work world for me. Tonight, Rob is at a friends and tomorrow he goes to the Big City again with a group of friends from church.  Spreading his wings, standing at the edge of the nest, my Rob!

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