Tuesday, February 12, 2013


We have a little valentine mailbox in our dining room that has been getting steadily more full with each passing day.  I have always loved this holiday.  My wife has typically decried it as a marketing holiday.  Which I will concede there is a component to it that is , but Hallmark did not invent the holiday. And any day that reminds us to stop and share love with one another is a good day to me. I have to make my valentines tonight when folks have gone to bed. The other part of our tradition is that they are home made.  Always.  Without exception. There are also very small gifts, a small box of candy, a tiny stuffed animal, bubble stuff, that kind of thing.

This year, instead of a  Valentine party at supper we will be having a Valentine breakfast.  I will get up a bit earlier and make their favorite muffins in heart shapes and we will do our valentine exchange then.  This is because my wife now works in the evenings.  She is home  by 7:30 but that is still too late to start festivities when one is newly 6 and one is 8.  The fall out would be enough to negate the fun of the celebration!  Also, on Thursday night, KC has hip hop.  Tonight he made his valentine for Miss Laura his teacher.  It is a big red heart. He had me print a pair of hip hop shoes off the computer and pasted those on the front with a message  for his teacher. It was really cute.

Tomorrow I will be on the road as I have to get Rob to his girlfriends house for a slightly early Valentine soiree. . . so happy Valentines Day everyone from our house to yours

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