Friday, February 22, 2013


KC had his last dose of amoxycillan last night. . . and woke up with hives this morning!  Sheesh!  Could we catch a break here?  Actually, I feel silly complaining about something that was fixed with a couple doses of liquid antihistimines.

A friend of ours, age 35 had a double mastectomy today.  She has had a successful series of chemotherapy treatments, though the toll that type of "healing" has taken on her body and spirit has been huge.  After the recovery from surgery, she faces radiation.

In the grand scheme of things, hives are pretty easy.

We are also looking at another round of wintry weather this weekend.  If anyone sees the weather predicting ground hog, they should play "whack a mole" on him.  Clearly his prognostication skills are weak to say the least.  But in between the wintry weather I will take the younger kids bowling, the teen to his girlfriends, get the shopping, laundry, banking and postal duties done.  And (cue scary music) start the taxes.

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