Saturday, February 2, 2013

Dress Shirts and Daffodils

It's one of those crazy Saturdays for us.  I have been fighting a migraine for days now.  Being more than slightly off put by the side effects of migraine meds and more than slightly western medicine resistant, I tend to just tough it out.  Today was a "sunglasses day"  Indoors and outdoors.  My kids know when they see that the level the headache has risen too.  They tend to try to dial it down a notch in the noise department with varying degrees of success.  I don't say too much about the head pain. My mom had chronic health issues when I was growing up (ironically not migraines though!) and  I remember being very fearful of her health.  Worrying for her and about her.  In retrospect I think I knew a bit too much about those things.  I seemed mature, but I was still very much a kid  as well.  The bottom line is, it is my head, my pain, and I don't want my kids worrying about it.

We had fun at dance class today and then later there was the bank, the library and meeting up with a friend whose troop (and daughters) were selling Girl Scout cookies.  I have to tell you that buying Scout cookies is a testament to friendship as I am a scratch cook who avoids store bought cookies like the proverbial plague. But I balance that with the fact that in my past I was also a Scout leader and I know the funds this sell-a-thon brings in does much good for the kids and the troops.

Then it was time to get Rob to his girl friend's house for the afternoon.  Not a day I wanted to drive but absolutely needed to.  I respect the way these 2 young people have handled their relationship thus far.  T is a lovely young woman who is also blessed with a lot of ambition and various interests, all of which are good fodder for Rob to be exposed to. Rob is also a very patient big brother who deserves a few hours when he is just with teens.

While Rob was at her house, I took some of his outgrown dress shirts and dress pants to the local consignment store. Rob is a sharp dresser and in the past few years grew so quickly that such clothes were maybe worn three times max before they were too small.  Unfortunately the store won't accept long sleeved shirts this time of year (Why?  I asked, since Easter is early, people would surely need them)  But rules are rules, so I consigned a portion, "bought" the littles some things they needed with my prior store credit, and will Craigslist the shirts.  Even if I get $5.00 each for them I'll be happy.

At the grocery store this morning I bought 2 little bunches of daffodils.  I love buying these. They come tightly budded and unfurl in just a day or so in the comparative warmth of our home.  However as I was prepping them for the vase I saw that this  years bunches come from Ireland.  I love all things Irish but sheesh, that is too big a carbon footprint for me for a $3.00 bunch of daffodils.  Guess i'll have to wait for the real thing to pop in our garden from here on out.

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