Friday, February 15, 2013

Uncensored hip hop and promise rings

Tonight I stopped by Facebook for a quick check in, and found that Rob's bio-brother D had just posted that his hip hop group was going to be on a web based radio station.  I frantically worked at finding and connecting to the station.  I imagine for most people that is fairly easy.  My arthritic computer did not want to cooperate and I am a bit challenged in the technology arena, shall we say.  At last I was connected and I explained to Rob what was up.

It was interesting as he did not rush right in to listen--which may have been a good thing as the first cut played on the uncensored station was I wanna have p*rno s*x.  Uncensored in every sense of the word.  LOL Glad that KC and Lissa were holed up in the living room, i left it on, waiting to hear D and his group.  And we were rewarded.  His rhyming ability is really good.  It is raw. These are young men who write very explicit lyrics, but also have stories to tell and the talent to do it with.   I honestly enjoyed it.  I think Rob did too. He eventually came in and listened with me.  I am struck by how all of his siblings have very creative abilities.  I am actually kind of in awe of that.  And definitely in awe of the poise that D and his group showed in the interview they did with the DJ and the impromptu song session the DJ set up.  I can't imagine handling a situation like that with the artistic maturity that they showed. I was joking with K the other night that my unusual musical leanings are really a good thing as I have a lot of common ground with my kids. Well except for the one who is all about Bieber right now. LOL  When I was in high school MTV and BET were really popular.  I was the only white kid in our area I think who watched BET way more than she ever watched MTV.  I remember my mom being utterly bemused by it,( but, darling, you aren't you know, black")  but the music there always always resonated more with me than the rock and pop of my peers.  I did love certain rock groups, but my early record collection had a lot more Rick James, Diana Ross, Lionel Ritchie, Whitney Houston etc than anything else.  I was also a huge fan of old Motown.  Later, as a young adult, I was introduced to reggae by a co-worker and found a new musical passion. The point of all that rambling is that I am not faking it when I tell my kids I like a certain artist or song and it gives a good jumping off point for discussions on many occasions.  D wrote back to me afterwards and thanked me for helping to get the word out on social media about his group, and said the support meant a lot.  I wish we were able to be in more contact with him; I think he is a great kid, but this long distance reminder of caring seems the limit of what he can tolerate.

I also noticed this evening that Rob was wearing a very pretty simple white ring on a chain around his neck.  I said how pretty I thought it was and he very proudly told me it was a  promise ring, and they T has one as well. The relationship is definitely growing and deepening I would say!  I am impressed with their commitment to each other and the respect that they show each other.

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