Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Birthday!

 In addition to the big 29 inch dropping snow storm of yesterday, it was also my wife's birthday.  She considered the blizzard a birthday gift, lest anyone be feeling badly for her.  She is a weather junkie extraordinaire AND it also ensured the day off so we were all together the whole day.  Because she loves to eat Chinese food on her birthday, we chose a Chinese New Year theme this year.  Above are the placemats the kids made.  According to google that is the kangi for love.
 Party favors with pencils artfully arranged to look like chopsticks in faux take out boxes. . .
 Goofy older boys ready to chow down on Chinese food and have party fun . . .
 Eek!  It's the year of the snake!!! Can you tell which one of my children willingly held a real python at a young age?
My wife showing off her garden ornament , not knowing that KC was making bunny ears behind her.
And the cake the kids helped decorate.  KC and Rob did the painting of the roses, and helped with the "scrollwork" on the sides.  KC put the birthday letters on top.  It was lots of fun.  Now all that lovely snow can melt so we can start garden dreaming in earnest!

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