Saturday, February 9, 2013

We survived Snowmagedden!

The Blizzard was a big storm, but not awful for us at all.  We got about 29 inches, less than my mom in Maine where her little town was mentioned repeatedly on the Weather Channel.  They topped out at 35 inches or so I believe.  But we did not lose power, she did not lose power and over the course of the day we moved the snow.

I was actually lazing around this morning as I knew i could not shop, dance was cancelled and the bank and library were closed.  So I meandered downstairs at 7:20 a.m. (seriously late for us!) and put the tea on. I had plans to do a light breakfast in bed for my wife as today is her birthday but there was a knock on the door. The plow guys from next door needed to have me move my car so that they could plow.  I don't park in our driveway as I own a space next door.  So out I went in boots and my PJs to try and move the car.  they had thoughtfully cleared it off for me, but must have thought my Scion had Hemi power or something.   There was a ton of snow behind the wheels and that poor little hamster powered car wasn't going anywhere. Between the three of us, we eventually got it out and to the side of the road. But it took so much time my wife was up and had gotten her own breakfast. :-)

Over the course of the day, the kids and I shovelled. We did our driveway, behind my car again after the plow went thoughtfully by, and the boys did our elderly neighbors across the street.  The littles "helped" which means they went along throwing snow back into the areas where we had all ready shovelled. But it was fun, despite the wind and the cold.  When we finished our shovelling we celebrated in a truly unique fashion--Rob, KC and even I jumped off the railing from our high back porch into the giant snow piles below.  Yup, we are crazy folk!  Later I'll post pics of K's birthday which was also today.

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