Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Oscar thoughts

I did not watch the Oscars, and I do not tweet.  So it took a bit of time for me to hear about the flap at this years event.  To think that anyone would tweet anything so rude and crude about a 9 year old child staggers me.  I was still heated about it when my wife  got home from work last night.  Literally, ranting about it, which if you knew me in real life, you would know is pretty unusual.  I just don't go off very often.

But to me, it was a hugely race based situation.  I can not picture that same comment being made if a 9 year old white actress was being tweeted about.  As a parent, I hurt for that beautiful young girl. Today, ranting somewhat over, I think I am a teeny bit glad that it happened.

Not for the hurt that those words caused Ms. Wallis and her family.  But because in the name of humor, someone sure showed America that racism is alive and well. This is important to us as parents of children of  color.  I have black friends who have said that one of the hard things nowadays is that many times racism is sneaky.  The putdowns are less obvious, things are inferred as opposed to out-right said.

With a two term black president at the helm of our country, many white friends have told me that racism is dead in America. That we are truly a color blind society. Thanks Onion,  for reminding all of us of the work yet to be done.

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