Thursday, February 7, 2013

The storm called Nemo

I think naming snow storms is weird!  Then again, I am not a "weather junkie."  My wife is. Her idea of fun is looking at a United States map of wind patterns.  Um, go ahead, dear!  LOL But if I WAS going to name this storm that is arriving tomorrow, I would name it Hysteria!  Folks are in such a dither that it is silly.  I suppose it is partly because this is coming around the anniversary of the great blizzard of 78.  (sadly I am old enough to remember that one!) And perhaps the fact that we have had a relatively snow free winter is a component as well.  But this is New England.  It snows.   I don't like it all that much but it is a fact of life here. I got the last few items for K's birthday party on Saturday.  She might have it sans Chinese food (unless she will settle for a home made stir fry) if there really is as much snow as they are forecasting.  But we will see.  At any rate, we will have fun. We will all survive. And I will not go to the grocery store to buy their last dozen eggs!

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