Monday, February 4, 2013

Soulful Sundown

I checked my Facebook tonight and Rob's girl friend had posted this picture of the two of them.  They are such a cute couple--but I am biased !  They are good for each other.  His low key demeanor balances her high energy drive.  It was her second picture that floored me though.  I would have happily posted it but it came out kind of dark.  It was of my son, reading in the evening service at church.

Rob has always hated public speaking and once we got out of the public school arena, I have not forced it.  He has blossomed slowly but steadily over the years, speaking in small groups but always avoiding any large public audience type setting. More typically he participates in other ways--letting his beautiful piano playing impart his feelings, or helping others with tasks in the service. Yet apparently last night at Soulful Sundown he read a long piece of some significance. I had opted not to go back to church for this, even though I really love these twice monthly evening services.  They are more contemporary, the music is a bit different, and the church looks lovely in only candle light.  In true Rob fashion, he didn't brag about it. Didn't mention it.  Came home and watched football with me  instead. I suppose some folks might have been upset by that, but I'm really not. I want my kids to do the things they do for them--not because they think I want them to or because they think that is a way to get my approval.  That he was brave enough to stretch past his comfort zone, because he wanted to, that is exactly what I want.

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