Monday, March 4, 2013

And along came the stomach bug

In about 10 minutes it is time for me to wake the troops to start our week.  I am a bit nervous as yesterday KC woke me at 6:30 (which is not our usual Sunday waking time) and said he was really hungry.  I promptly got up and made him breakfast.  He ate and was then violently ill.  Sigh.  Strep, a viral infection hives and now the stomach bug?  Clearly the planets are aligned and some dark cosmic force is working against me.

The violently ill part came while I was cooking breakfast for the rest of the gang and i had eggs, veggie bacon and mushrooms cooking on the stove.  Thankfully by then Rob was up and i hollered for him to come man the stove while I tended to his brother. K, bless her, was still sleeping!  However when the lucky woman woke she found that she was now nominated to take those of the clan who were still healthy to church. There was a festival after church that Rob was working at and that Lissa and Chet were excited about. It was not fair for them to miss out.  Wife was not amused as Sunday morning is usually her time to kick back and do things in a house that is empty of the rest of us.  But she is a good egg and saw the need.

Meanwhile, because KC has not had a lot of stomach things, he was very clingy.  That whole sensation just totally freaked him out. So I finished reading aloud to him a cool book we have been sharing.  It is called The Puzzlers Mansion and if you have a child who is interested in logic puzzles this is a great book. It has an entertaining story line but puzzles that you can solve along the way. Then I gave him my Kindle and he noodled around with the Thread Words game.  I also downloaded Yahtzee onto the Kindle for him and we spent a considerable amount of time figuring that out.  As is typical, he got the hang of how you use the technology before I did.  But I was also in no rush, it was about keeping him quiet and killing time. LOL

So, cross your fingers that everyone's stomach is feeling fine today!  I really need for spring to arrive and chase all the germs away that seem to have decided our house is the best place to hang out for the rest of winter.

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bkwildandwonderful said...

Good luck to you all! Nothing like a stomach bug running rampant through a family.