Friday, March 29, 2013

Fiona is packing!

The Great School in the City just called.  I felt my breath catch in my throat, worried that something was wrong.  But no!  Look on the positive side of things Lee! (smacks self in forehead) Fi was packing and she told staff that she needed to bring something red to wear and they were trying to confirm that.

I am thrilled that Fiona actually remembered that!  I wasn't sure if it would be okay or not but I explained on Tuesday when we talked that the kids decided they all wanted to wear something red on Easter Sunday this year.  I am not sure why they went all matchy matchy color wise.  Last year they chose all different pastel shades, but whatever.  I take a picture each Easter and I did not want Fiona feeling like she was not part of the family unit.  What could look more like "guest" than 6 people all wearing something red and one person sporting hot pink or something?  I told Fiona it was totally optional but explained it and she said she had a red leather jacket she would like to wear.  She remembered to tell staff too when they were packing tonight, but what she could not remember was what day she was going to wear it and that is why they called.

Meanwhile tonight we will ready the Easter baskets and store them in K's room so that they will not be found before Easter.  K has written all the clues and done photos of the clues for Fi and Lissa.  KC and Rob both had their hair trimmed today and look fantastic.  Rob's still has length but is just evened out and neatened around the nape of his neck.  KC's is a tad shorter but still leaves his beautiful curls.  When he was trying to grow it out it became clear that he has "mixed" hair and some chunks are totally straight.  He is the only one of my kids who has blended hair types.  The straight pieces stuck out from his head and were very uncooperative.  KC does not like gel and the softer holding products would be okay for a short time (say church) but for all day, or hats going on and off his head (he also loves hats) they just didn't do the trick.  When his hair is trimmed just a tad, those errant straight pieces are succcessfully tamed.

I had a random call come in on my cell phone the other day and disconnect before I could answer.  I didn't think much about it and deleted the message that said I had a missed call. I did not recognize the number and figured if it was someone I knew that they would call back.  I woke up in the middle of the night remembering that I told Y, KC's birth mom that she could call or text my phone.  I don't know her number and now I am worried that she may have been trying to reach out. Of course it could just as easily have been a wrong number.  I am hoping beyond hope that if it was her that she will call back.  Meanwhile my boss who loves technology and is so good at it, says she thinks we can find the call somehow even if I deleted it.  She said she would help me next week.

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