Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hair today, . .

OK so today is the big day.  I realize this is my incredibly self absorbed post, but I have to get this out there.   (drum roll please)  I am seeing a hair stylist today.  I am probably getting my hair cut and colored.  Backing things up, I am pathetic at working with my hair. I rock my daughter's hair.  Mine?  All six limp strands hang lankly most of the time.  For work I pull it back in a scrunchy into a messy bun. And yes, I know scrunchies are so 1980's.  But it is a velvet scrunchie; does that make it better?  LOL

At any rate, the thing is, I know I need to change up my look.  I am flying out to CA in June and  I will be the "face" of my company out there.  I know my "face" doesn't match my knowledge base or my skill set.  In my former company that didn't matter.  In this one, I seriously think it does. I have not been to a hair stylist in about 8 years.  My wife trims my split ends every once in a while I just kind of rolled with that.

So I have a groupon to a fancy schmantzy salon and supposedly this lovely lady has lots of experience working with fine, limp thin body-less ugly hair.  I sincerely hope so.  Because if I come home looking like a Mexican hairless pooch my "face" for the company is going to be somewhat different than I anticipated. LOL

After the salon visit--which is a family affair as my wife wants to weigh in on the consultation that they are doing before the procedure actually takes place--we are having a lunch out and a small field trip for the kids. Then we are off to the Great School in the City for a presentation that Fiona's school is doing.  We will have supper with her, stay for the event and then head home.  I wonder if she will recognize me?  I wonder if I will recognize me?

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