Saturday, March 2, 2013

A birthday--and it isn't even ours!

KC informed me earlier in the week that we needed to have a party today. Why?  Well, because it is Dr. Seuss's birthday of course!  I find it amusing that he knew this.  We homeschool so there is not the hype surrounding that in our lives, but it infiltrated somehow.  And anyway, I am fine with finding a reason to celebrate!

He made a really cute poster decoration with everyone's favorite story featured.  There is Oobleck, and fish, the cat in the hat, the lorax and the king and his stilts.  There is also the girl who grew a flower out of her head featured. We are a pretty diverse crowd!  LOL

Alas, today KC had a bad headache (please PLEASE don't let him be sick again.  Cut us some slack here, goddess!) But Lissa and I soldiered on after dance class with the cake baking.  We made a large sheet cake--took doubling my usual white cake recipe.  Then when it cooled I cut it into this artistic rendition of the Cat's hat.  :-)  I made little foil wrapped cardboard barriers that we placed temporarily on the stripes to prevent the sprinkles from going where they shouldn't--more or less.  I had a 6 year old helper, this was not about perfection.

After the stripes on the cake, Lissa said we should use "oobleck colored gel" (can you guess her favorite story) and write Happy Birthday.  I was going to do one of his quotes but we went the more traditional route.  We rounded out the celebration by having our usual Saturday supper of veggie burgers and fries with sprite served in fance wine glasses.  Wine glasses were red and white too of course!  LOL

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