Saturday, March 9, 2013

Sneezy Saturday

So my little sniffles have morphed into a full blown head cold.  Blech.  I hate head colds because inevitably I get a migraine from the congestion. Which I have today.  It is a wear the sunglasses in the house kind of day. Sigh.  I don't really like to take decongestants but I might make an exception in this case. . .

On the plus side,  the HUGELY PLUS SIDE--Fiona is definately going to be here for Easter.  I am so so excited.  I think my wife is nervous.  My goal is for Fiona  to ultimately be able to be with us for every holiday and in most respects, Easter is the easiest to start with.  First of all, we are pretty low key about it.  As UU pagans, it is more a spring ritual than anything else.  Second of all there is not a lot of candy involved.  The weekend will have decorating a bunny house made out of gingerbread as the centerpiece for dinner. We decorate eggs.  I make special buns for Easter morning that she can help with if she wishes.  Usually the kids like to do this as we make them in the shape of bunnies.    Easter morning there is a clue hunt and then we go to church where she can help me with the RE program activities.  We come home and there is dinner and time for a walk weather permitting, or family games.

I firmly believe in the very core of my being that being in an institution with people who are paid to care for her is not the best place for her at a holiday.  I know that sometimes it is necessary.  Many holidays are trauma triggers for her, but hopefully bit by bit, we can work our way through-under-over-past the challenging behaviors that sometimes result. Like my Chet, Fiona is aware of what she misses due to her behavioral limitations.  She sees  that she is at the Great School when many of the students go home for the holidays.  It is a constant reminder that her family dynamic is different.  I think it makes her feel that her connection to us is more tenuous and I want her to see that it is strong. That we are in there for the long haul, that we love her. I think it starts with Easter. Which is also totally appropriate as Ostara marks new beginnings for us pagan folks.

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