Friday, March 15, 2013

The G Word

I arrived home last night from the event at Fiona's school to find a flurry of emails concerning Fi.  She had an IEP meeting  yesterday and apparently the topic of guardianship was raised again.  Apparently, the two agencies involved in Fiona's care and planning for her future are both interested in my becoming her guardian.  I was surprised to say the least as only a few months ago my exploring of that option was not met positively.

I told my wife about this and she had concerns.  Her worries centered mostly on what were the duties of guardianship.  Would we be able to meet those needs and fairly meet the needs of the other kids that live here at home.  I suppose it is good that she tempers my enthusiasm, but I looked at the situation differently.  I  feel a deep commitment to Fiona. Though she can't live here, I can at least do this.

Today I spoke with two parties involved to get the specifics of guardianship.  It means that I would have a say, and a responsibility to make sure that Fiona's medication regime is appropriate.  I like that!  While I am not upset by her regime here at the great School, I have seen over medicating in other placements.  I would be responsible for making sure that her placement was safe and reporting any concerns to the proper party.  They would also like me to be her payee for her disability and I would write a check monthly for her share of the care expense and administer the rest to her as her money for clothes, personal care items, and spending money.

I would not be financially liable for her. She would not be living with us.  Nor would we be responsible for transporting her to appointments.  This would be the responsibility of staff at whatever facility she is placed at.

I honestly think these are pretty limited responsibilities and the very least that I can do for my daughter.  I am unsure if biological family will approve of this, but hopefully the connections that I have made with them will make the idea acceptable to them.

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