Friday, March 22, 2013

Art Show Time!

KC reminded me that the Lucky Leprecaun Art Gallery had not opened for its annual showing.  We have done this every year for about 3 years or so now, maybe even longer.  I kind of held back a bit this year, wondering if they were past that.  But  I was informed that it is still an important part of life here, So this weekend, its's the gallery's grand opening for 2013!

Last night we backed all the pictures that had been saved from the past year.  I think if we are going to showcase their art that it has to be matted.  We have a plethora of construction paper and they choose colors that they feel accent the mood or style of the piece in questions.

Tonight KC sorted the pictures.  It intrigues me that each year he organizes the art differently.  Last year, he did it by medium--pastels, crayons, acrylics etc.  This year he did it more by subject matter, though there was a section called "paintings" and a section called "scratch art."  But there were also sections called holidays, animation, abstracts etc.

We made the gallery sign on the computer and hung all the art.  This weekend before Rob's piano recital, the godparents, and my mom and her friend G will be coming to a viewing. On Easter, Fiona will see the gallery before it closes for another year.  She too has art in the show, though she does not know that yet.  And KC even got Chet to create something for the show as well.  I will try to post pictures--I have been very bad about that lately.  But I am glad that the Lucky Leprecaun Art Gallery still thrives!

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