Wednesday, March 6, 2013

More wintery weather!

It looks like Fiona is close to having another overnight here and  I am really happy about that.  Jane and I were emailing yesterday and today trying to hammer out a date.  It is either the weekend of the 23rd or the weekend of the 30th.  I think it would be really neat if she was here over Easter.  One of the things that is important to me is keeping her geographically close enough that normal festive times when families get together are doable for us.

My wife is a little worried that it might be too much stimulation for Fi and I am willing to concede that is a possibility. However, I am Madame Optimist and also think we will not know till we try.  We don't have a run around like crazy people egg hunt here.  We have a hunt but it is with clues. I could do Fiona's with pictures the way I do Lissa's. I always cook a nice breakfast and we go to church.  Mid way through the service there is an egg hunt (also not a crazy one) for the kids and if Fiona is with us, I will volunteer to help with that and Fi could help me out there.  That way she will not need to sit through the full service which I know would not be something she would enjoy.

Then we just go home and have dinner. If it is nice, we go for a hike.  Given the weather lately that would be more like a snowshoe or something like that, so it is most probable that we will have indoor acivities.  LOL  I  hope it flies. I am just waiting on a response from the team.

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