Friday, March 29, 2013

I'm not on GPS!

Early this year my company issued an electronic safety system to everyone who works for the company.  It is supposed to call 9-1-* if you have a problem and to have a GPS which would help emergency personnel find you.

I wasn't loving it, though I totally respect the thought of my employer who obviously places safety highly.  First of all, I don't like to count on technology to get me out of a pickle.  Too many times it has let me down in other areas of my life.  There is the GPS that mucked up a trip to the Big City last year because when you go through a tunnel it can't get a signal and it reset itself sending us way out of our way.  Then there was the fact that the silly little safety device I was issued would periodically play an irish jig for no apparent reason and the programmers could not stop that.  LOL

Needless to say I was quiet about my feelings but I also admit that I usually left the device hanging on  a hook in my office.  I have been assaulted in the past at my job in a variety of circumstances. However I successfully handled the situations and they were years ago.   I also am careful but am relatively good at defusing situations. I have 12 years of martial arts training under my belt if you will pardon the pun. (I am a second degree black belt)  I also just can't live from a fearful perspective.  There are lots of awful things that can happen in life but you could try and guard against every single one and you will still miss something. Being present in the moment is I think the safest thing that I can do in my job and in any situation for staying safe.

Apparently there was push back from other employees at other sites and recently the company made participation in the program voluntary. Those who did not want to wear the locators could return them to their manager.  Mine was not the only one sitting on her desk yesterday afternoon!

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