Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Teepee tenting

In late August we are going to NH with some friends.  They are staying in a motel and the rate was not bad--$50 or so a night. But it would have squished me into a room with all the kids.  And I am not really a lover of motels at the best of times.  I like either a really swanky hotel or a cozy, kind of funky B and B. . . or camping. Motels have  doors slamming on either side of you all hours.  Motels have people pulling in and their headlights shining into your room like search beacons from an alien spacecraft.I love the idea of spending the weekend with my friends but I just couldn't get excited for the motel thing.   I googled to find a campground close to the motel our friends will stay at.  That way we can hang out together and day trip together.

But the kids and I?  We are staying in the teepee 4 miles away.  I was all set to bring our tent, but the campground has real teepees.  Also yurts but we will save that for another visit.  And they are on a lake.  They have a pool as well but a lake?  And a teepee?  I was in heaven.  It was  about $20 more to stay here but it will be quieter I am sure.  According to the website they have strict quiet hours and NO radios allowed at the site.  Oh and in a very decadent side benefit, there is coffee for sale  And you can have fresh muffins delivered to your campsite if you place an order the night before.  Truly this is not roughing it camping but it sure sounds pretty fun. And there will be lots for the kids to do to decompress after a day hanging out with other kids.

I think the kids are less enthused about a teepee than I am. I am way excited. I all ready booked us and the staff were very friendly on the phone which is another good sign.    The kids will get excited eventually.  I think they just can't wrap their minds about being in a teepee for some reason.  They WILL love it.  I promise. (oh puleez make them love it, she whimpers to herself!  LOL)


Shenanigans said...

I am not an adoptive parent nor a foster parent, don't have children of a different race than me, am not a lesbian & don't remember how I stumbled upon your blog, but I know that I read it all the time because I love your love for your children. It just shines and makes me happy.

Lee said...

Thank you for the kind comment! :-)