Sunday, March 3, 2013

Elderly People Like Words with Friends

Last night I was noodling around in social media. Rob's best friend found me on line and started chatting.  He does this a lot.  I think he is a pretty lonely kid.  He is a few years older than Rob, but immature and socially "different" from most peers.  He is often trying to chat with me and finds the most ordinary things of our life so interesting.  He pines for platefuls of home made pancakes, or the impromptu parties that make up our life.  Truly, you don't need a lot of money to have satisfaction.  Our house is way less fancy, but we sure have fun.

I noticed that there is a game called Words with Friends on FB and it turned out that Drew plays this, so I asked him to teach me how so we could play a game.  In a very pedantic and very detailed manner he walked me through.  I had a little trouble figuring out how to get going, but we used to play Scrabble a lot when K and I were first together so I was confident that once I got the technology down, I'd be okay.

I had not noticed that there is a separate chat button for the game as opposed to the regular FB chat that he and I had initially been using.  He drew my attention to it about 1/2 what through the game.  I thanked him for this.  Below is a summary of the ensuing conversation:

Drew:  I thought you did not see that and I just want you to know all the features and tools of the game so you can have the most fun and be the most successful.

Me:     Thanks!  You know I am not always the quickest at picking up the new technology stuff.

Drew:  I know, but I have to compliment you because you are doing a lot better than a lot of other elderly folks.

Yup, ELDERLY!  You read that right.  I almost fell out of the chair I was laughing so hard.  After that, I promptly whupped that boys you know what and handily won the game!   LOL

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