Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sunshine Award!

I am honored!  Mom in the trenches and Carmel from On our Way have both nominated me for a sunshine award.  Given that I have been pouring over seed catalogs like crazy over these last few weeks, I adore looking at the pretty flower that is the award pic.  And I am stunned that not one but two folks would nominate me!  So a very blushing thank you to both.  (see how orangey red that flower is?  That would be a blushing daisy ladies!  LOL

The thing is, I don't have 12 people to nominate as the award rules dictate. Gasp.  Shudder.  My sunshiney status is in jeopardy!  I have nominated most of my other blog friends for awards recently so now the list is getting thin. And i picture them groaning as they open their google readers, smacking their heads with their hands and saying "oh that Lee, NOT AGAIN, enough all ready!"  So I am not able to nominate 12 people.  But I am going to nominate 1.  Jo over at Tangled Me has a blog that I have followed for some time.  And just now, Jo is in the hospital and friends send flowers so I will send this one to her and hope very very much for a speedy recovery. 

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Todd said...

congrats, mrs. sunshine!