Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunflower BBQ plans

Today the weather was weird.  Rain off and on.  Humidity very high.  Definately not a do things outside kind of day for the most part. So I caught up on some piece work that we do for our second job, read a book and helped the littles make a seashell covered picture frame.  (we used shells we collected last weekend at the beach.)  They are a little tired anyway from the excitement of yesterday so the low-key day was probably a good thing.

Late this afternoon we went to a local craft store to get artificial flowers for decorating for the BBQ that we are hosting in a couple of weeks. We only get to host this particular family shindig every couple of years. It is a lot of fun--at least to me, but I like to entertain.  My wife, um not so much.  I rent a big canopy so that rain or shine we are comfortable, and big round tables so that conversation can flow easily.  But I think a big white canopy looks sort of ugly on its own and tables should have centerpieces to look welcoming.  My wife loves sunflowers so we used that as the theme.  I got some garlands of greenery to wire on some artificial sunflowers and 3 centerpieces with the sunflower theme (almost 50 per cent off)  It is all ready fall in the craft store and winter is just around the corner. (I spied a small section of yule stuff there too and practically ran the other way!!)  I know it has to be out there. I know I myself need to put a holiday gift on layaway in the next week or two. I am just not emotionally ready to admit that summer is fleeing all too fast!

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