Friday, August 12, 2011

Fried Green Tomatos???

It has been a hard year to get our tomatos ripe!  We grew awesome plants from seed and got them in the community garden the very day we were allowed to plant.  This time of year we are typically picking tomatos aplenty.  Making salsa to can. Making marinara sauce to freeze or can.  Instead, I have a garden full, literally chock full, laden. . . with green tomatos.  It isn't anything we did; all our fellow gardeners are in the same boat.  It is just one of those years where the growing season was just not optimal for tomatos. Not a lot of sun and heat.  Lots of clouds and rain, especially in the spring which made for later flowering.  On the plus side, the kids pumpkins (2 white ones and 1 orange) are looking great.  Our corn is tassled. As the wind rustled through the shocks last night KC and Lissa were trying to imitate the music made by the shocks and the breeze.  Then, while K trimmed the tall grass near our plot, the kids and I played games in between the plots, keeping them well away from her sharp tools but enjoying the late summer night.  This may not be the most productive year veggie wise, but I would not trade the times we are there for anything!

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