Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fiona's Visit

 Exploring the house. Seeing what was the same, (lots of things are) and what is different, lots is different too) Meeting the pets.  Here she and Blake are "chatting."
 Rob getting ready to pitch for our "baseball game."  I use that term loosely as the only rules for our baseball is that there are no rules! LOL
"Batting practice!"  It was such a great day. Fiona was happy and relaxed.  The meal at the restaurant she had chosen wasn't as horrible as it could be.  One meal of fries, mozzarella sticks an a cheese sandwich won't kill my kids.  I had a nice tomato soup and a garden salad.

I think it helped Fiona that there are lots of pictures of her throughout the house.  She is on the fridge like all the kids. In the living room like all the kids.  In my workroom, and in the hallway where I have pics of all the kids. Also, although some things in the house have changed--we have a big screen TV now, and a different dining room table--other things remain the same.  We have the same ratty couch (LOL), the same living room rug, the same bookcases.  In our dining room we have the same antique cabinets that were my grandmothers.  Fiona loves those and wanted a picture of them to take back to school.

KC gave Fi a book he had made for her and she was very genuinely touched.  She was concerned that there was no dessert for him at the restaurant.  (everything was either chocolate which he hates or dairy which he is allergic to) As a result she bought him gum with her own money at the store on the corner of our street. 

Jane was her usual amazing self and said that she has never seen kids as loving as mine. Which is sort of sad because I'd love to believe that most families have a strong loving foundation, but still a lovely testiment to the bonds we have worked to build together.

A day of smiles and memories.  A wonderful day to treasure!

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Sunday Koffron said...

It looks like a good time was had by all. I think it was probably very comforting for fi to see so many things that remained the same and to see her pictures up with everyone else's. No nobody wants to feel like they are out of sight and out of mind...nobody.