Friday, August 5, 2011

So you think you can . . . dance!

As summer starts to slip away the signs of fall begin to appear.  There is a single branch on the tree across the street that has an undercurrent of reddish orange to it.  The branch is still green but somehow it is orangey green.

We have been taking advantage of back to school sales and buying homeschool supplies.  Enough notebooks and folders to hopefully last the year.  Even when you school at home there is something cool and fun about organizing your work space for the new grade and the kids have been loving this.

The various organizations that our kids are involved in start to gear up.  Emails have come in about a youth group trip to Maine over Columbus Day weekend for Rob.  Last week Lissa's gym sent mail about this year's classes. 

Turns out that Lissa's class was moved from 4 p.m. on Fridays to 10 a.m. on Tuesdays. And she would not know anyone in the class.  Lissa loves gymnastics but she said flat out that if her 3 friends were not in the class, she did not want to go.  So I emailed Coach Amy and we are not signing up at the gym this year.

Tonights mail brought info from the dance school where KC studies.  KC who has rhapsodized about being old enough for hiphop this year. . . right up till the schedule came.  Then he felt like he could not give up ballet and tap.  So he is deferring hip hop for another year (though he does freestyle at home all the time and breaks in my front hall like you would not believe).   I am not totally surprised as I know as much as he wants to study hip hop he really truly loves ballet and tap.  If I could have said he could take all 3 he likely would have. 

Then Lissa piped up.  Miss "I think dance is stooooopid" has changed her tune.  Seems she wants to try ballet and tap out for herself!  So much of Saturday mornings will be spent at the dance school this year.  I emailed KC's teacher and told her of his change of heart. She was thrilled as she doesn't teach the hiphop, another teacher does. She said she didn't want to lose KC yet and wasn't ready to share him with Miss Laura.  LOL  And she is excited to have Lissa in the younger class.  The 2 kids personalities are wildly different but Miss Heidi has met Lissa and knows how high energy she is.  It'll be a fun ride!


Sunday Koffron said...

I am sad that she is letting the gymnastics go, but i am sure she will enjoy dance. Gymnastics will stil be there later if she wants to return.

Lee said...

I am kind of sad too, Sunday. I love watching her on the apparatus. She has such a fearless strength. (though in reality I would have had to delegate this to my wife this yr) But if she goes back to it, the ballet might be really helpful to her. She is um heavy footed? (it kinda sounds like Shrek when she is walking upstairs!! LOL) Also she is so tall she may wind up too tall for the gym so it is good to try some other things and not define herself by that one talent.