Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Enfolded by Family

Fiona called last night. She and Jane had phone problems (they use a speaker phone) so it took a while for the call to get rolling.First I could hear them but they could not  hear me, then vice versa.  On the plus side, Fiona did not appear to get anxious or angry when the delay happened.  In the past it has made the call harder as she has become upset.  Another huge plus was that Jane reported that her behavior back at school post-visit was normal. That is very exciting as I know it had to be hard to drive away after the visit was over.  It was hard for me, standing there on the porch waving.

Fiona asked last night if  I could sew her something.  LOL  She forgets sometimes that K is the seamstress in the family.  Me?  If K is not home i am more about duct tape. LOL   I explained that I could not sew if my life depended on it but how good a seamstress Mama K is.  Fiona wanted her to make a skirt, which would be kind of hard as getting fittings done.  I said it might be easier if Fi wanted something made for her room.  She said that would love to have a quilt with pictures of her family on it.  This is very do-able and I love the idea of her being able to cuddle up at night or when she is feeling low.  It is the perfect gift!  I need to find out if cousin N will get us pictures of herself and her daughter and talk with Jane further and see how many family pictures would feel good for Fiona.  (for instance I have pictures of their sister Krystal but Fi has not had contact with her and I don't know if it is going to help or hurt to have a picture of her. ) I am so excited to start working on this for her and have it done for her birthday!

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