Friday, July 13, 2012

Almost the weekend

It is only Friday but the vistas of last week seem far away.  I remember cool mountain breezes and campfires and laughter.  There is still laughter, but the air is hot and still and heavy and our schedules are full of many things to do. Some are fun, like the party the kids go to tomorrow afternoon. It is at a place with inflatable jumping things; I have never been there and am curious as to what it is like.  Some things are less fun, like all the piece work we need to get through this weekend.  Some are in between, like finishing hanging the new curtains in the living room.  That normally would not be such a chore but ironing in this heat is not something even I am fond of! LOL  Sunday I want to take most of the kids swimming but have to find a place--the state park we usually go to hosts a triatholon there this weekend.

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