Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Big City Plans?

Well last night it looked like all systems go for Rob's trip with friends into the Big City.  A little back story on the trip is probably in order.  My wife and I are the kind of parents that are always on the same page--except when we are totally not!  LOL  As in, we agree about most things, but I am 100 per cent behind this experience.  My wife is not. She feels he is too young, that any number of horrible things may happen and that we as adults should be there to make sure they are okay.  However, with considerable grace she bowed to my fairly intense badgering on Rob's behalf.  I pointed out the fact that Rob is more Big City savvy than she perhaps knows.  He goes into town with me regularly to see Fiona. He knows the train schedules. He knows the area that they will be in, if not completely, at least enough to be both safe and to have fun.  So I thought it was a  done deal.

Till Kirsty told me this a.m. that she got several emails from 2 of the other parents of the kids involved and that they were all concerned about the trip. And. It. Should.Not.Happen.  I talked tonight with the dad of one of the boys who will be going and it seems that he and his wife, like K and I are a house divided.  He is actually totally fine with his son making the trek with this group.  Fine with him being at our house for the night. Thinks the plans are sensible and allow enough freedom for kids their age to have fun and test their wings a bit.

He and I mostly wound up brainstorming as to how we could bring the other 2 parents on board.  We decided that Rob would write up a detailed plan and put it on Facebook to share with the parents and all the kids who are coming.  This way everything is there--the times of the trains, the cost of the tickets, everything.  Even little details like the fact that I have told them to buy round trip tickets so they don't run out of cash and have a glitch trying to get a train home.

So it isn't a sure thing yet, but things are looking better.  Cross your fingers and toes, because I want this for them as much as my son wants it, I think.  I believe passionately that my kids can't live in bubble wrap.  I would LIKE to do that, and to know that they were safe in every situation. The reality is:  I have not been safe in every situation.  I learned from those experiences and by the grace of the goddess I am here today.  That is what I hope and pray for for them.  And for them to know that I am always here for them.

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Todd said...

Sounds like quite the conundrum, but I think that you, K, and the other parents, being the reasonable and loving adults you are, will work it all out. *hugs*