Monday, July 30, 2012

Teen Travel!

This was the weekend for the teens to make the big trek to the Big City.  I picked up the guys at 5 p.m. and brought them back to our house.  We ordered pizza and they settled in for a nice evening of video games and chatting.  They are all really good kids.  The house was filled with laughter and it was a very easy night by my reckoning.  They were up late, but by 1:30 they were settling down for a bit of sleep.

I was up by 6:30 and was shocked to find that they were actually awake and up.  LOL  At least one of the kids is really really not a morning person so this was beyond surprising and showed how much they really wanted to do this trip.  They wanted pancakes for breakfast so I made a double batch and then they cleaned up the living room, stowed their gear and I drove them to the train station.

They spent the day in the City.  I don't know every detail but I know a fair amount.  The joy of social media serves parents well in this regard.  The kids circulated photos of all the things they did and comments and it was all really normal, age appropriate fun. I am proud of all of them for having fun and showing all the parents that they were ready to make this happen.

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Todd said...

Glad they had a good time and stayed safe.